A Multi-Asset Class
Open Financial Services Platform


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The Celer Technologies framework is the core that binds all our modules together.

Overview of framework components

Our framework is based around a generic Central Event Processor (CEP). From this core any number of different business functions can be attached in the form of modules, which gives the client the ability to process all the business requirements of an event within a single integrated application.

Flexibility and adaptability, by easily adding or removing modules, are key features of the framework allowing it to respond to your evolving business requirements.

Our modular based system reduces the data processing errors that can occur from running separate business applications and allows the user to customise the application by choosing the modules that apply to their business area.

Flexible scalable framework

The CEP is where business functions known as modules can be attached. The flexibility and adaptability of this allows customisation of the application by easily selecting modules that fit with your business requirements.

Communication is key

After trade execution, real time communication to the middle and back office is paramount to allow for accurate risk and p&l calculations. The Celer framework allows each module to communicate instantaneously with any other module via an Application Programming Interfaces (API).

Uninterrupted upgrades

Each module has it's own API, allowing it to operate and be upgraded independently from other modules.

Chinese firewalls

Our distributed installation isolates failed modules preventing them from bringing down your entire system. By removing dependencies issues can be resolved whilst the system remains online.

Scale from the ground up

Celer can be installed over multiple servers providing a clustered network of frameworks that communicate with each other. This scalability enables all data to be distributed seamlessly and evenly between servers, regardless of geographical location.

Next generation database

The Celer framework supports multiple types of databases. Following extensive research of database solutions our preference is HBase as it gives greater performance and scalability.