Celer privacy policy

This policy effective Jan 1st, 2019

We’re committed to protecting your privacy and collecting only the minimum amount of information needed to provide our software and services — referred to as “Services”. Your use of the Services indicates you agree to this policy.

Nothing in this policy contradicts the following statements:

  • We don’t collect any of your personal information, other than your source IP information for potential client sales via Google Analytics.

  • We do store email documents for potential enquiries if you contact us via the website.

  • We don’t sell your personal information to advertisers or other third parties.

  • We share your personal information only when legally required, or when reasonably necessary to prevent harm in an emergency situation.

  • We have never received any legal or government demands for user information. As used in this policy, “Personal Information” is data that can identify a particular person. Aggregate data isn’t considered Personal Information.

  • We will, at your request, delete any Personal Information you have previously shared with us.

  • We do, unlike most websites, collect your precise geo-location or associate geo-location information with a particular user for potential sales.

Changes to this policy

We may make small, inconsequential changes to this policy with or without notice to you, so you’re encouraged to review the policy from time to time. Substantive changes to this policy will be emailed to users who subscribe to the Celer newsletter or to those who submit a request to info@celer-tech.com


You can contact us at info@celer-tech.com if you have any questions about this policy.