Risk Management


Real-time client position and margin management monitoring, incorporating net open position calculations and pre / post settlement risk factors.

who is this for?
  • Sell Side

  • Buy Side

  • Global Clearers & Prime Brokers

What are the benefits?
  • Real-time analysis

  • Flexible risk factors

  • Integrated reporting


The Celer risk management module facilitates the calculation of pre-trade and post-trade risk exposure at an organisational, omnibus or individual level.

The module enables Celer, or alternatively our clients, to refine credit profiles by applying a range of different risk factors from a linked and defined product matrix.

Utilising links to a range of market settlement mechanisms, from exchanges through to banks and aggregators, Celer is able to capture risk on a real-time basis facilitating greater levels of control.

  • Control limit breaches

  • Monitor market volatility

  • Measure margin

  • Monitor risk factors

  • Monitor and report limit breaches

  • Build a client profile

  • VAR calculations

  • Portfolio risk calculations

  • Custom risk scenarios