Price Engine


A customised range of pricing from individual liquidity partners and venues integrated into a single bespoke stream, enabling the construction of full market depth and liquidity views.

who is this for?
  • Sell Side

  • Execution Brokers

  • Market Making Groups

What are the benefits?
  • Liquidity aggregation

  • Risk coverage

  • Customisable pricing streams


The Celer price engine gives clients the ability to control their own liquidity and pricing mix based on a range of venues and integrated sources. At its core the price engine facilitates price distribution and calculation with bespoke flexibility.

The price engine has the flexibility to meet the requirements of a broad range of clients, from sell-side execution teams looking to monitor and cover risk through to market-making groups looking to aggregate and express their risk views to the market and their clients.

The range of liquidity sources is limited only by the client's requirements across a multi-asset class landscape.

  • Multiple liquidity inputs

  • Price management controls

  • Aggregation and price construction

  • Control liquidity to clients

  • Replace existing infrastructure

  • Intuitive management

  • Customisable inputs

  • Flexible rationale and intelligence

  • Scalable for extensive volumes