System Management Console


The Celer Management Console is at the core of our infrastructure, enabling our clients to control and dynamically manage the profile of their own clients from trading limits through to liquidity access, on a real-time basis.

who is this for?
  • Sell Side

  • Buy Side

  • Execution Brokers

What are the benefits?
  • Comprehensive client management console

  • Proprietary design

  • Flexible and customisable


The Celer management console is one of the key tools provided enabling our clients to control and manage their internal trading and accounts profiles. The console enables clients to control all attributes from trading limits through to new account maintenance on a dynamic and real-time basis.

The console gives our clients complete control of their own trading environment using an intuitive dashboard which visually identifies all of the daily control checks. The console is designed to be used by support, control and compliance teams to monitor client activity.

  • Dynamic client profile management

  • Limits, spreads and price tiers

  • New product enablement

  • Monitor connectivity venue status

  • User security management

  • Core framework management

  • Integrated to analytics module

  • Issue detection

  • Trade reject analysis