E-commerce Suite


Create a completely bespoke offering covering specifically the modules which meet an individual client's requirements.

who is this for?
  • Sell Side

  • Buy Side

  • Execution Brokers

  • Global Clearers & Prime Brokers

What are the benefits?
  • Bespoke offering

  • Focussed range of services

  • Forward flexibility


The Celer Technologies eCommerce suite is designed to give clients full control over their technology choices and the modules they require, enabling them to completely define the technology components which are required for their business needs.

We recognise that the needs of our clients will change as their business evolves, and hence have designed a package which gives full flexibility and choice. The ability to add and decrease the range of modules required enables clients to be flexible towards their own technology needs, allowing them to make the best choices for their business.

  • Bespoke platform

  • Flexible and scaleable

  • Completely integrated

  • Linked modules

  • Complete solution

  • Module interoperability

  • Bespoke module choice

  • Defined package

  • Full Technology suite