Managed Orders


The managed orders module enables clients to receive trade instructions electronically using market defined protocols directly into their blotters, facilitating order staging, trade execution and subsequently confirmation.

who is this for?
  • Sell Side

  • Buy Side

  • Execution Brokers

what are the benefits?
  • Streamlined order capture

  • Global order blotter

  • Integrated confirmations


The Celer managed orders module allows clients to receive orders electronically into their order blotters with a minimum amount of integration and intervention. The module further adresses the requirement for an electronic audit trail for transactions and facilitates allocations and confirmations.

The module is targeted towards execution teams, central sales desks within both buy and sell-side organisations who have the requirement to both distribute and receive managed orders prior to execution. The module allows clients to receive orders electronically and make the decision on how and when an order is released to the market for execution.

The module is fully integrated into the Celer suite of products and specifically works alongside the allocations and analytics modules.

  • Automated trade capture from clients

  • Fast and flexible integration

  • Facilitates regulatory requirements

  • Flexible trade release

  • Integrated to OMS / EMS and Algorithms

  • Voice transaction capability

  • Customised confirmations

  • Integrated to downstream process

  • Full audit trail